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Name of the Company: Taiwan Blue Ocean Lahos CO.,Ltd

Address of the Company: 8F.-5, No.10, Zhonghua Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel : 886-3-3384888

Website: www.happybrain100.com

The MINDPLACE Company 授權台灣藍海樂活有限公司為美國MP在台灣區域的全部產品的總代理。由台灣藍海樂活有限公司在台灣銷售美國MP設計 和生產的所有產品。台灣藍海樂活有限公司是 The MINDPLACE Company 所有產品銷售的台灣唯一合作夥伴。

The MINDPLACE Company authorized Taiwan Blue Ocean Lahos CO.,Ltd to be the exclusive distributor of all of American MINDPLACE’s products in Taiwan Region. Taiwan Blue Ocean Lahos CO.,Ltd will be in charge of selling all the products designed and manufactured by MP. Taiwan Blue Ocean Lahos CO.,Ltd is the sole partner of MINDPLACE’s products selling in Taiwan.

此授權書 特此聲明:

為了保障您購買產品為正品以及保障產品品質和售後維修升級服務,請台灣的消費者登錄 www.happybrain100.com 購買我們的產品,我們只認可由台灣藍海樂活有限公司售出的產品是來自於美國 The MINDPLACE Company.


Hereby Statement:


To Guarantee the products you buy in Taiwan are the right ones and own the MP quality and unique After-Sales services, please go to www.happybrain100.com, we ONLY recognize the products you buy from Taiwan Blue Ocean Lahos CO.,Ltd are from us.