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Refurbished Kasina DeepVision™ Bundle

$ 329.00


Refurbished Kasina DeepVision™ Bundle

$ 329.00

Sold out

Kasina system bundled with new eyes-open option ganzfeld display

  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Focus
  • Meditation aid - access deeply tranquil states
  • Mood shifter - change Your mind.
  • Easily create your own sessions – great for therapists
  • Access altered states of consciousness


  • Kasina - This Pali term refers to an ancient system of meditation that uses visual objects to focus the mind. Our MindPlace Kasina can be used in a similar manner to induce positive mood shifting effects.
  • Our most mature product yet, the Kasina is our latest audio-visual stimulation system. With over 50 audio-visual excursions, with aural backgrounds ranging from the soothing sounds of nature to ambient electronic tapestries to embedded binaural beats and isochronic pulses—all orchestrated and synchronized to the visual experience. Let your mind follow the frequency of the session you choose.
  • Imagine a world of pure, jewel-like color illuminating your visual and mental fields. Amazing visual effects can be produced, including the illusion of complex, shifting geometrical imagery. This imagery, combined with soothing, flowing sounds, can be so compelling that the mind clears of extraneous thoughts – stops the “Monkey Mind”. In this way a Kasina session is a form of meditation


      • Stunning audio-visual experience – wow factor
      • Built in MP3 player - no need for external device
      • 255 shades of each color
      • Easy to use - plug and play out of the box
      • Copy your own music to the Kasina in MP3 and WAVE
      • This bundle includes the MindPlace Kasina Mind Media system, plus an extra pair of Ganzframes. This extra pair has an eyes open option and is proving to be very popular - check out our reviews!

The Refurbished Kasina Bundle package includes:  

  • Kasina Console 
  • Kasina GanzFrames™ Multi-Color eyewear
  • Kasina DeepVision™ Ganzframes
  • Ear-bud Style Headphones 
  • USB Cable  Power Supply 
  • Stereo Patch Cable 
  • MicroSD Card with SD Adapter 
  • Soft carry case 
  • Quickstart Guide

 Great customer service and support

    • Manufactured by MindPlace - leader in this niche since 1988
    • 2 year limited warranty on console
    • 1 year on accessories - we stand by our products
    • Watch our Kasina tutorial here!  https://youtu.be/rXjt5aoEdHA

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