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Biofeedback has long been accepted as one of the most effective tools available for the development of a calm and mindful awareness, the management of stress and development of focus and concentration. With this simple form of biofeedback, you become more aware of your responses, and learn to change inappropriate reactions so that you are more comfortable and in control.

The ThoughtStream personal Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)* biofeedback system measures tiny, rapid fluctuations in skin moisture associated with the degree of arousal via a small palm sensor that measures the rapid, tiny fluctuations in your skin's electrical resistance (GSR). When your psychological stress/arousal level increases, skin moisture increases, and ThoughtStream USB can help teach you to change this. In use, it 'learns' what sensitivity level works best for you, and "feeds back" this body/mind information to you in several forms of feedback.

  • Visual. The front panel display starts out all red, your goal is to turn it all green.
  • Auditory. Use the included headphones, and learn to lower the pitch of the melodic sound.

If you want to graph your sessions, you can connect the ThoughtStream USB to your Windows PC, and use the free ThoughtStream Interface software to graph sessions, and compare multiple sessions to see how you have been progressing.

Or choose the multimedia PC software "Mental Games" for more complex training. Designed for use with Mindplace Thoughtstream USB Personal Biofeedback – this software allows you to control objects on your screen with your mind. Simple and effective, our ThoughtStream personal biofeedback system teaches you how to become more aware of your responses to stress and consequently you can “learn” to be more relaxed and at ease.

Increase your motivation, personal growth, intuition and creativity 
with the new Bluetooth wireless

DREAM MASTER light and sound mind machines. 
Both help eliminate stress and anxiety.

GanzFrames are the ‘light’ component of our Light and Sound Mind Machines. They deliver flickering colored light through closed eyelids.

We have the standard ganzframes that come with the Proteus - those are the Ruby/Emerald, and an alternative available for the Proteus is the Ruby/Saphire.

Procyon Superbrights are what is included with the Procyon.

The  DeepVision (Ganzfeld) ganzframes for Kasina and Procyon give you an eyes-open experience option

When using them your entire field of view is filled with pure, jewel-like colors, and some people visualize changing pattern as well!. The two RGB LED strips per eye to assure plenty of brightness. When the LEDs are all at maximum illumination, white light is produced. They also work well with your eyes closed!  We've wrapped the attractive lightweight frames in a soft, hypoallergenic silicone shell. Lips at the top and bottom help block out ambient light for a more immersive experience. Note: these frames are for use with the Kasina and Procyon only.  They are not compatible with our other models.

We can help you change your mind!

A Light and Sound Mind Meditation session may trigger experiences possibly beyond anything you have experienced before, and for the beginning meditator it is truly a revolution to be able to silence the monkey mind (obsessive mental chatter).

The MindPlace Light & Sound range of products have a special high frequency signal which directly controls the lights in a session, allowing precise synchronization between audio and visual stimulation. Each product in this range has fifty or more pre-programmed sessions for you to choose from, each with a different purpose. The user selects a session, puts on headphones and ganzframes (Ganz Feld effect frames), sits back and enjoys the experience, which can be for relaxation, stimulation, meditation or just plain fun depending on the session.

These key technologies come into play.

The ‘light’ part of the experience uses colored LED light providing stimulation that can lead to psychedelic patterns that morph and transport your mind to interesting and transformative spaces. The mechanism is that your mind responds by falling into step with the flicker frequency - this is called frequency following response. The Ganzframes react instantly to programmed flashes and deliver a crisp, coordinated waxing and waning geometrical display wrap your eyes in a spectrum of pure color that is truly aesthetic.

The 'sound' part of a session utilize binaural beats or isochronic tone pulses to lead your mind toward beneficial structured ranges of mind states.

These oscillations are recognized to fall within five key ranges; that is the slowest waves experienced during sleep and unconsciousness, delta. to the ‘dream’ waves theta, to ‘relaxation’ waves of alpha, to ‘waking’ waves of beta, to the latest discoveries of very fast waves considered to be ‘integrating’ or ‘encoding’ waves which are known as gamma. Our machines have frequency ranges that are easily able to cover any one of these states and utilize binaural and pulse waves in a customizable, personalized, or pre-programmed way. As the sound plays the lights flicker in perfect sync.

Add your own sound tracks as every machine has Audio In or expand beyond the basic with our range of sessions designed for specific mind states.

Meditation Mind Media systems manufactured by MindPlace are the realization of over 20 years of design and fine tuning. We stand behind what we say and know with confidence that these we make are unparalleled in power, performance, and price. They bring together a multi-sensory experience that involves our most potent senses and unites them in synesthetic network.


A direct download link is available after your order is completed.

SpectraStrobe encoded music synchronizes light pattern entrainment with songs, nature recordings or relaxing soundscapes.

The brain in the machine decodes a special high frequency sound wave embedded in the track to trigger the LED lights in perfect synchronization with the pulse, feel and beat of the music. This creates a synergistic effect that enhances and extends the range of mind trips exponentially. Because of this technology you are no longer limited to only the session selections that are included with your device.

The range of SpectraStrobe titles offered by MindPlace are hand selected to be among the best titles that are currently available on the market. We have made special arrangements with creators and producers to bring you fantastic and highly professional music tracks with the highest standard of synchronized light track encoding which guarantees compatibility and the most powerful results.

Note that these are 320kbs (highest quality) MP3's.

You can find some free encoded content at as well.

Refurbished by the manufacturer

Buying refurbished products is a great way to know that your item has been tested through and through and that any damage or defects have taken care of.
Along with a 1 year console warranty, buying refurbished gives you a generous discounted price and reassurance that you will have a great working experience with your mind machine.

Refurbished Policies

  • No returns
  • 1 year console warranty
  • Free shipping over $50