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SpectraStrobe encoded music synchronizes light pattern entrainment with songs, nature recordings or relaxing soundscapes.

The brain in the machine decodes a special high frequency sound wave embedded in the track to trigger the LED lights in perfect synchronization with the pulse, feel and beat of the music. This creates a synergistic effect that enhances and extends the range of mind trips exponentially. Because of this technology you are no longer limited to only the session selections that are included with your device.

The range of SpectraStrobe titles offered by MindPlace are hand selected to be among the best titles that are currently available on the market. We have made special arrangements with creators and producers to bring you fantastic and highly professional music tracks with the highest standard of synchronized light track encoding which guarantees compatibility and the most powerful results.

Note that these are 320kbs (highest quality) MP3's.

You can find some free encoded content at as well.