Product Comparison

Included Sessions 104 76
Additional Session capacity (1) Up to several hundred Unlimited (µSD card)
AudioStrobe (2) compatible decoder? Yes Yes
SpectraStrobe (3) decoder? Yes Yes
Built in Battery? No, 2 x AA Yes, Lithium Ion
Built in MP3/WAV decoder? No Yes
Display type LCD Color LCD
AC Apapter included? No, but USB compatible Yes, USB
Computer Cable included? Yes, USB micro Yes, USB
External Sound Source Connection? Yes Yes
Stereo Patch Cord included? Yes Yes
Free session editor? Yes Yes
Primary Colors Red, Green Blue Red, Green, Blue
Shades of Each Color 255 255
Ganzfeld (DeepVision) Capable Yes (Kasina style) Yes
# of Visual Waveforms 5 5
# of simultaneous color channels 6 6
Frequency Range (Hz) 0.1 - 65.5 0.1 - 65.5
Audio Interface Digital 16 bit Digital 16 bit
Manual frequency control? Yes Yes
# of Audio waveforms 5 5
Binaural Beats capable? Yes Yes
Isochronic tone capable? Yes yes
(1) Depending on size of Session
(2) AudioStrobe® embeds a single 19.2 kHz signal per audio channel with light control signals.
(3) SpectraStrobe™ embeds 3 high frequency control signals per audio channel with light control signals, for full RGB.
(4) Kasina/Limina Editor available for Windows & MacOS. Windows-Only Editor for Procyon