Kasina review from Wisdom-of-Spirit

Kasina review from Wisdom-of-Spirit


I am excited to introduce  my readers to the Kasina Mind Machine,  a new mind enhancing  product I’ve recently discovered.   I’m not sure whether to call it my new favorite mind toy or my new favorite meditation tool—really, it is both, and more.

The Kasina mind machine; A meditation aid, a window to altered states of consciousness, a focus and attention trainer, a means of breaking undesirable states, a facilitator of accelerated learning, a mood shifter and above all, a tool that provides an audio-visual experience so enjoyable it defies words.

In short, I love the Kasina by MindPlace.  It’s Intensely enjoyable and importantly,  incredibly easy to use (If I can operate it with ease, anyone can).

 The Kasina  will undoubtedly  be an integral staple of my ongoing, spiritual practice repertoire.   I consider it a powerful tool for spiritual growth and self-help.

You could use the Kasina  to focus mind into almost any state you could ever desire.  Do you want to change a mood? Prepare yourself for a restful sleep, or lucid dreaming? Stimulate your mind into a more awakened state? Or,  clear and rejuvenate mind before undertaking a creative or intellectual project? (In anticipation of writing this article, I treated myself to a session under the rejuvenate category entitled, Clear Your Mind—No writers block Now!)

Did I mention the Kasina was super easy to use?

I tend to  balk at reading manuals, and cringe at the learning curve inherent in figuring out new techno gadgets. I’m old school. I don’t even own a cell phone. Simplicity is essential for me. The Kasina Mind Machine is intuitively designed. You pretty much just turn it on, and the operation is  obvious.   Push the on button,   a screen appears on the sleek console front,  choose your session, pop in the  ear buds, put on the ganzframes, and away you go.

For those who are a little more technologically savvy, you can also create your own sessions and tailor sessions specific to your preferences.

Kasina Mind Machine By MindPlace - My First Impression

The first session I tried upon unpacking my Kasina Mind Machine, was entitled patternity.  This is one of the Kasina’s  fifteen sessions included under the category of “Mind Art.”   I was looking for the ‘wow factor,’ right off the bat, and all I can say is, this session provided it. (Other categories included in the Kasina programmed sessions; Accelerate, Meditate, Rejuvenate and Night Voyage)

The Kasina manual description of Patternity  is as follows; Rich synthesizer textures combine lush visual effects to create a dreamy, slightly surreal and entrancing mind-scape.

It was entrancing indeed, and words really do not do it justice. But I can say, my mind was absolutely  captured by both the visuals and audio and the way they intertwined together.  It didn’t take long at all before I lost all sense of my surrounding environment, as  I became one with the beautifully colored patterns and captivating sounds before me.

A few more of my favorite Kasina sessions as described in the Kasina manual:

Forest and River: Another peaceful backdrop of nature, at anew locate. Frequencies start at 14 Hz and at 4 Hz for deeper relaxation into meditation.
Wake: 18 Hz throughout. You may not need coffee or tea after this session. Not recommended before sleep.
Sleep: A gradual descent from 10 Hz, pausing at 8 Hz before continuing to very slow modulations. Low key audio modulations overlaying the sounds of water in motion.

A Powerful Meditation Tool

For those of you who have struggled with meditation, becoming frustrated at your mind’s tendency to wander off, but who continue to  desire a deep, single pointed focused,  meditative experience,  the Kasina Mind machine is the answer to your prayers. The Kasina captivates mind and holds it, making wandering, monkey mind while trying to meditate, a thing of the past.

 The Kasina mind machine is not only enjoyable to use, but relaxing to the point that it actually alters the rate of heart and breath, slowing both, bringing mind into a place of profound tranquility and single pointed focus.

It is the fastest means I have discovered to easily and effortlessly  bring a busy, chattering mind into quietude.  After a session, I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and most importantly centered and grounded.

A powerful law of attraction tool, a meditative aid, or a tool to enhance spirit communications.  There are so many ways you can use the Kasina.

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