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For those who don’t know, a mind machine is a device that can guide your mind into different brainwave states. They’re based on using visuals (displayed through glasses) and sounds (played through headphones.

By combining visuals and audio in a timed and clever way,mind machines like Kasina can change your brainwaves and allow you to slip into a new state very quickly. They’re PERFECT for people who meditate because you can reach deep relaxed states in minutes instead of hours.

Kasina Mind Media Medititation

This is my honest review of the Kasina device from MindPlace. The Kasina is an audio/visual mind machine that can help you meditate, and has many features I want to talk about. There are several options and lots of things you can do with the Kasina, so let’s get on with the review!

What is the Kasina?

The Kasina machine is a very powerful meditation mind machine that can transport your brain into different brainwave states. Don’t believe me? I didn’t at first, but then I put on the goggles..

There are numerous studies on the effect of light and sound therapy on our brains. These studies prove almost undoubtedly that it does work, and that it can be very effective. The effect on your brain of having visual and audio stimulation at the SAME time is profound.

There was a famous experiment conducted (The ganzfield experiment) where participants would place a pure white disc over each eye, and then sit in a silent room in the pitch black. After a few minutes people reported profound and vivid hallucinations!

This is because the mind can be led into new states when you take control of the senses in this way. This is possibly why for the Kasina devices, the glasses you wear are called 'Ganzframes' Long story short, your senses can be manipulated to move you into new brainwave states.

The effect of audio and of things like binaural beats is measurable and profound. The Kasina works very well by combining visual and audio stimulation, and to be honest when I first tried the device I was skeptical, but it really DID work!

My experiences with the Kasina mind machine

The first time I put on the Kasina device, it felt weird and I didn’t know what to expect, but when you close your eyes, because you need to close your eyes when using the goggles, everything changed.

Kasina Mind media meditation ganzframes

I’ve meditated most of my life and I know how it works, but this was a new level. I chose the track ‘A starlit night’ from the device, and there were lots of tracks on the device as well, lots to choose from. The track started playing and the lights started pulsing in the goggles.

The way it works is you close your eyes, and the LED light display on the inside of the goggles flashes at a set speed and changes colour etc to match certain parts the audio track. What happens is you just feel transported into another dimension!

It feels so relaxing and perfect, you feel like you’re floating. Especially if you’re laying flat on your back on a memory foam bed or something like I was, you just feel like you’re floating and you feel your brain just slip into a relaxed state almost instantly!

There are LOTS of  different tracks and options on the Kasina mind machine and you can choose different tracks based on if you want to feel relaxed, awake, alert or more focused etc.

Kasina meditation mind machine

Kasina review summary

In short, the Kasina device is a great mind machine to get started with brainwave entrainment and meditation. If you’re new to meditation, you’re in for a hell of a ride, and if you’re NOT new to meditation, well you’re still in for a treat. You also get a LOT included, such as surprisingly high quality headphones!

Kasina Meditation Light and Sound

The Kasina is probably the most impressive mind device I’ve tried so far, and I’ve tried a lot! It genuinely does have an effect, and it really does feel incredible. I can’t say that for a lot of other products I’ve tried! 

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