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Brain Brightening

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Our most recent album addition is from Joseph Kao, DHypPsych (UK). 

Brain Brightening consists of eight sessions, designed to be used over a period of several weeks to enhance your ability to think clearly, to brighten your mood, and to be more creative (based on studies from Thomas Budzynski PhD and other light and sound researchers).

These sessions make extensive use of the Kasina's capabilities. They contain multiple layers of binaural and isochronic beats, along with 3D-processed sound textures - all of which are precisely synchronized with the flickering lights and the sweeping changes in color.

Periodically, there are off-set frequencies between the left and right side (in both the auditory and visual channels) which draw your attention more deeply into the experience.

As an introductory protocol, use one session, at least five times per week for eight weeks - rotating through all the sessions repeatedly.

None of the sessions is more advanced than any of the others, and they all focus on the SMR and beta range. Each session simply targets different frequencies in a different order, so as to provide a variety of different challenges and “mental stretches” for your brain.
This is the same principle as varying the exercises that you do at the gym in order to develop all-round fitness.

Using the Brain Brightening sessions in the morning or afternoon is recommended instead of in the evening, as these sessions may disrupt sleep if used too close to bedtime.

Session list:

01 Brain Brightening 1 (18 mins)

02 Brain Brightening 2 (18 mins)

03 Brain Brightening 3 (18 mins)

04 Brain Brightening 4 (18 mins)

05 Brain Brightening 5 (18 mins)

06 Brain Brightening 6 (18 mins)

07 Brain Brightening 7 (18 mins)

08 Quick Brain Brightening (12 mins)

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