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Brain Scan

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  • Beta - Vision (16:26)
  • Alpha - Relax (20:00)
  • Theta - Time Distortion (30:00)

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    Brain Scan is one of our most popular SpectraStrobe titles - audio by Tamas Labs.  Beta, Alpha and Theta tracks presented in a 3D sound stage, are the result of  their many years of experience developing psychoactive audio.

    These tracks are encoded with our proprietary SpectraStrobe* technology, intended for use with the Kasina and other devices with SpectraStrobe decode capability. They can also be enjoyed like any other audio tracks. SpectraStrobe embeds special signals on the audio tracks that directly controls the lights, allowing precise synchronization between audio and visual stimulation. The light signals can be modulated very subtly, reacting to the finest of nuances; creating audio-visual art.

    Our SpectraStrobe tracks will lead you through entrancing dreamscapes and mythic journeys towards the deepest realms of your unconscious mind and deep, enjoyable altered states of awareness.  Bon voyage!

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