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Mindplace Four Elements

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Four Elements Meditation DVD Created by Elijah Parker of Subliminal Phoenix, this DVD includes four 'Element' based computer animations plus a fifth journey through all four elements.
Each mindscape features visual cymatic frequency patterns, binaural beats, sofeggio tones, and subtle visual flicker modulations embedded within the luscious, unfolding mandala imagery.
If you are not ready to make an investment in the Procyon or Proteus and want to experience a sense of what they are like, this is the DVD for you!

A short description of each segment is in order:

Air - For enhanced energy, focused attention and mental clarity. The frequency range is high beta and gamma. (10 minutes)

Fire - This experience is intended to help boost your creativity, induce a relaxed but alert state of consciousness, and sometimes evoke a dream-like creative mood. (10 minutes)

Water - Soak in the relaxing Zen of this Theta frequency journey into the edge of trance. Use this for deep meditation and lucid dream induction. (10 minutes)

Earth Rejuvenation - Dive into the deepest levels of your unconscious mind. This delta frequency voyage is ideal for viewing just before falling asleep. (10 minutes)

The Journey - Don't miss this 22 minute trip through all four Elemental mind-states - a must-experience for anyone interested in exploring the world of altered states of awareness.

Bon voyage!

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